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Moving & Other Odd Jobs

Tom the Moving Man helps individuals and small businesses move personal belongings, furniture, and equipment safely and efficiently.

As a small operation, Tom the Moving Man offers personalized service, scheduling flexbility, and budget-sensitive pricing. Contact us today for a free initial consultation about your unique moving needs.


(267) 702-MOV1




Why Tom? He's a big-time, small-time



Tom provides the manpower and logistical know-how at a fraction of the price of competitors and with greater scheduling flexibility.

Tom caters to people making small moves...

Tom makes lightweight moves over long distances for excellent rates (NYC, State College, DC, Boston)

Do you only have one piece of furniture to move?

Are you moving from one apartment to another close by? to a new office just down the street?

Do you need extra help but don't have the money for an expensive moving company?

Maybe you just want to move that exercise bike from the basement to the first floor?

Tom makes sense for your move while other movers don't!

Tom is professional. Tom is reliable.

Tom has done this before.

Pick up the phone.  Give him a call.  Find out if he's the right mover for your move.

(267) 702-MOV1